Today In Black History: October 3, 1979 “Death Of Artist Charles Wilbert White”


On October 3, 1979, powerful African American artist Charles Wilbert White died. White was born in Chicago during the early 1900’s. Charles W. White is noted as being, “one of America’s most renowned and recognized African-American & Social Realist artists. Charles White worked primarily in black & white or sepia & white drawings, paintings, and lithographs. His artwork encompassed an incredibly skilled draftsmanship and artistic sensitivity and power that has reached and moved millions.” Be sure to check out some of Charles W. White amazing artwork below!

Source: Heritage Gallery

• Charles White, “Frederick Douglass Lives Again (The Ghost of Frederick Douglass)”; pen & ink (1949):

Charles White, “Harvest Talk”; Charcoal, Wolff’s carbon drawing pencil, and graphite, with stumping and erasing on ivory wood pulp laminate board (1953)

Charles W. White, “The Contribution of the Negro Democracy in America”, (1943)