#BlastFromThePast ‘R&B Classics That Are A Must Have’

I Love The 90's

Idealistic Ambitions decided to compile a list of must have R&B albums from the 90’s. We attempted to make a list of ten, but there was just too many!  So, we decided to break down our list into several posts! The following list is in sequential order from the album release year. Feel free to tell us which albums you liked, or if there is any albums that we missed!

Starting with 1990

No.1: Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight

Whitney Houston's I'm Your Baby Tonight

Thee Whitney Elizabeth Houston released her third studio album,  I‘m Your Baby Tonight, on November 6, 1990. Birthing classic singles, such as “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” “My Name Is Not Susan,” and “All The Man I Need.” A hidden gem of this album is track number ten,”After We Make Love.”

You can purchase Whitney Houston’s third studio album,  I‘m Your Baby Tonight here on iTunes and Amazon!

No.2: Johnny Gill – Johnny Gill

Johnny Gill's self-titled
Johnny Gill released his debut self-titled album Johnny Gill, on April 17, 1990. Gill’s debut album contains eleven tracks heavily produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, as well as Babyface & LA Reid. This album spawned four hit singles: “Rub You The Right Way,” “Fairweather Friends,” “Wrap My Body Tight,” and “My, My, My.”

You can purchase Johnny Gill’s self-titled Johnny Gill here on iTunes and Amazon!

No.3: Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison 
Bell Biv Devoe
Bell Biv DeVoe released Poison, on February 24, 1990. Poison, is full of classic hits, such as “Do Me!,” “Poison,” and “When Will I See You Smile Again?”

You can purchase Bell Biv DeVoe’s debut Poison here on iTunes!


No.4: Jodeci – Forever My Lady
Jodeci released their debut album Forever My Lady, on May 24, 1991. Forever My Lady, had five singles “Gotta Love,” “Forever My Lady,” “Stay,” “Come and Talk to Me,” and “I’m Still Waiting.” Honorable mention to track number five, “U&I.”

You can purchase Jodeci’s debut Forever My Lady here on iTunes and Amazon!

No.5: Boyz II Men – CooleyHighHarmony
Boyz II Men's CooleyHighHarmony album cover!Boyz II Men released their debut album CooleyHighHarmony, on February 14, 1991. Featuring soulful classics, such as “Please Don’t Go,” “Uhh Ahh,” “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday,” and “Motownphilly.” Boyz II Men went on to re-release CooleyHighHarmony, in December of 1993. On the re-release album gems like “End Of The Road” were added.

You can purchase Boyz II Men’s classic album CooleyHighHarmony here on iTunes and Amazon!

No.6Michael Jackson – Dangerous
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, was released in Novemeber of 1991. Dangerous, is a very diverse album featuring tracks that fuse elements of R&B, Pop, Rock, and New Jack Swing. Dangerous, produced nine nostalgic official singles. (“Jam,” “In The Closet,” “Remember The Time,” ” Heal The World,” “Black or White,” “Who Is It” “Give In To Me,” “Will You Be There,” and “Gone Too Soon.”) This album is a must have in one’s music archives!

You can purchase Michael Jackson’s Dangerous here on iTunes and Amazon!


No.7: Sade- Love Deluxe

Sade’s fourth studio album Love Deluxe, was released in Novemeber of 1992 in the United States. Sade took her listeners along for a journey with her savory tone on ‘No Ordinary Love,” “Kiss Of Love,” “I Couldn’t You More,” and “Cherish The Day.”

You can purchase Sade’sLove  Deluxe here on iTunes and Amazon!

No.8: En Vogue – Funky Divas
En Vouge En Vogue released their second studio album Funky Divas, in March of 1992. Funky Divas, generated some of En Vogues’s most notable songs, such as “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It),” “Giving Him Something You Can Feel,” and “Free Your Mind.” Funky Divas, remains as their highest selling album to date. Honorable mentions to track number ten “Hooked On Your Love.” 

You can purchase En Vogue’s Funky Divas here on iTunes and Amazon!

No. 9: Mary J. Blige – What’s the 411?

Mary J. Blige's

Mary J. Blige the queen of Hip-Hop and Soul came onto the scene with her debut album What’s the 411?, on July 28, 1992. What’s the 411?, solidified MJB as the queen of Hip-Hop and Soul as she sung over hip-hop fueled beats. What’s the 411?, served up five heavy hitting singles, such as “You Remind Me,” “Real Love,” “Reminisce,” the remake of Chaka Khan’s  “Sweet Thing,” and “Love No Limit.” A hidden gem from this album is track number nine, “Slow Down.”
You can purchase Mary J. Blige’s What’s the 411?, here on iTunes and Amazon! 

No. 10: SWV- It’s About Time

SWV’s  debut album It’s About Time was released on October 27, 1992. It’s About Time, spawned three hit singles,  “I’m So Into You,” “Right Here,” “Weak,” and “Downtown.” The album was re-released in 1993. On the re-released version of It’s About Time, the song “Right Here/Human Nature” was added to the album.

You can purchase SWV’s It’s About Time here on iTunes and Amazon!



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