Beyonce Suprise Fans By Releasing An Album Over Night

Beyonce Cover

Overnight the Grown Woman singer surprised her die hard fans, also known as the Beyhive with the highly anticipated album they long-awaited for! Beyonce took a rather different approach with her fifth solo studio album titled, Beyonce. The album is exclusively sold on iTunes, and contains 14 songs with 17 music videos. At this moment fans cannot purchase individual songs, they have to buy the album as a whole for $15.99. On December 20th, fans will be able to purchase individual songs. Beyonce, has guest appearances from Blue Ivy, Jay Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and several others! We must say this was a well planned out marketing strategy! If you haven’t purchased Beyonce’s latest album Beyonce yet, you can purchase it here on iTunes!


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