Giving Back: Kevin Hart Donates $250,000 to Philadelphia School System

Kudos to Kevin Hart! Philadelphia native, Kevin Hart announced that he will be donating $250,000 to the school system. Hart was educated through the Philadelphia school system and felt the need to give back. The money will go towards purchasing new computers for schools and recreation centers. The Philadelphia school system faced troubles over the summer, when they closed 24 schools and laid off thousands of employees.

Kevin Hart stated, “I just heard about all the trouble the school district is going through. So I took it upon myself to take $250,000 and put it in the school system to buy new computers. Not because somebody told me to, because I love you, and I put on for my city.”

Philadelphia’s mayor Michael Nutter stated, “I want to thank Kevin Hart for his incredibly generous gift to our schools, recreation centers and citizens of all ages,” he said. ” These computers will have a very meaningful impact on Philadelphia.”


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