Celebrities Congratulate Brandy Norwood On 20 Years Within The Entertainment Industry


Brandy Norwood has played a prominent role within the entertainment industry! At a young age Brandy has not only impacted the way a generation listens to music, but broke barriers for the one’s that followed! Idealistic Ambition’s would like to extend a thank you to TrueExclusives for reminding the world of how much of a gem that Brandy is, while she’s still here to see it!

On September, 3rd Brandy celebrated 20 years in the entertainment business. We at TrueExclusives (along with plenty others) feel that Brandy has opened doors for some of the top artists today and has had many amazing milestones during the course of her 20 year career. As a tribute to the entertainer, we put together a special video with a slew of her industry peers congratulating her on this amazing feteCheckout some of your favorite singers, actors & media personalities paying homage to the icon that is Brandy.

P.S. We presented the project to Brandy as she prepared to take the stage at London’s Musicalize concert. Her reaction is included in the video!

Source: TrueExclusives


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