New Release: Goodie Mob “Age Against The Machine”

Goodie Mob

Today, Goodie Mob released their latest album, Age Against The Machine. Out of the eighteen tracks on the album you can find guest features from Big Rube, T.I., Janelle Monae, Big Fraze, and V. Age Against The Machine can be found here on iTunes and Amazon. Check out the tracklisting below!

1. U Don’t Know What You Got (Feat. Big Rube)
2. State Of The Art (Radio Killa)
3. Power
4. Silence…. The New Hate (Interlude)
5. I’m Set
6. Valleujah
7. Pinstripes (Feat. T.I.)
8. Special Education (Feat. Janelle Monae)
9. Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild
10. Kolors
11. Come As You Are
12. Nexperiance
13. The Both Of Me
14. Balls (Interlude)
15. Amy (Feat. V)
16. Understanding (Feat. V)
17. Uncle Red’s (Interlude)
18. Father Time


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