Today in Black History: August 18, 1859 “Harriet E. Wilson Copyrights ‘Our Nig’ “

Harriet E. Wilson's

On August 18, 1859, Harriet E. Wilson copyrighted Our Nig, by depositing a copy of the novel at the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. On September 5, 1859, Our Nig, was published anonymously through George C. Rand and Avery publishing firm in Boston. Our Nig, is an autobiographical narrative by Wilson. In 1982, Henry Louis Gates Jr., discovered Wilson’s Our Nig, and documented making it officially the first African American novel published!
Harriet E. Wilson statue

Harriet E. Wilson statue 2
Harriet E. Wilson Statue 3

You can purchase Harriet E. Wilson’s first novel Our Nig, here on iTunes and Amazon!

Check out a few excerpts from Wilson’s Our Nig, in this YouTube video below!

For more information on Harriet E. Wilson visit here


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