Today in Black History: June 23, 1997

Betty Shabazz
Today, in 1997, Betty Shabazz widow of Malcolm X died at age 61. Shabazz fought for 3 weeks for her life after being severely burned, after her 12-year-old grandson set fire to her New York apartment. Eighty percent of her body was burned and she went through several operations before her death. Betty’s grandson, Malcolm Shabazz was sentenced to 18 months in juvenile detention for manslaughter and arson. Shabazz was a civil rights activist, radio host, and an educator. In 1976, Betty became a professor at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn and in 1980; she was promoted to director of Institutional Advancement. In 1984, she was given a new title, Director of Institutional Advancement Public Affairs, which she still held at the time of her death.
Betty Shabazz

“Most people can’t deal with reality, but indulge heavily in fantasy and fear.” ― Betty Shabazz 


For information on Betty Shabazz visit here!


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