Serena Williams Wins French Open 2013

Serena Williams after winning 2013 French Open
Sending a very special congratulations to Serena Williams for winning the French Open 2013 title!!! This win is Williams second win within 11 years. Williams won her first French Open in 2002!

Williams went on defense, relentlessly chasing down one shot after another to defeat familiar foil Maria Sharapova. With a 6-4, 6-4 victory, the No. 1-ranked Williams won her first French Open championship since 2002.

“Eleven years,” Williams said in French during the trophy ceremony. “I think it’s unbelievable. Now I have 16 Grand Slam titles. It’s difficult for me to speak because I’m so excited.”

Serena Williams holding her French Open 2013 Trophy

Serena Williams topped off her defeat over Maria Sharapova by giving her victory speech in french! Brains and Beauty! Congratulations once again!

Below is a video of Serena Williams winning serve!

Source: Fox News


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